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Smiles July 21, 2007

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I had so many great ideas for posting this week, but things got busy.  So, I will just share a few things about this week that made me smile.  Maybe I will elaborate, if I feel so inclined in the next few days…

The hydrangeas that my sweet friend Lisa cut for me from her backyard…I love hydrangeas.  And I love my friend Lisa.

This little boy and his precious face…swimming in Gramma Kathie’s pool

A few happy shots of the Happiest Place on Earth…the one on the left is of the Blue Ribbon Bakery, where we love to grab “delicious coffee and fresh baked goods.”  I was especially pleased with the one of the castle through the trees…

The way Jack finally fell asleep.  Yes, that’s the foot of his bed, and yes, his head is hanging off.

Cirrus clouds in a lovely sunset 

Purchases from two of my favorite stores (using gift cards is a happy thing)…the fun red tray and pretty notebook are from Pottery Barn and the flowy (sp.?) top, delicious candle, and smiley yellow bowl are from anthropologie. 


The special gluten-free dessert that my grandma (Baba) made for me when we went over for dinner with “the girls” (my mom, sister, 5 aunts, cousin Debbee, and cousin Katie here from Seattle, plus my Deda and Jack…it was a full house in my grandparents’ little apartment, and my amazing Baba once again outdid herself…I will write more about her another time)


Don’t you just want to kiss those cheeks?  And the flourescent safety-orange Crayola play-doh…kinda scary.  What DO they put in there?  One of these days, I will make my own.


Here’s one I just had to include…this was attached to our garbage can on trash day.  Just in case the print is too small…

Ok…really???  Have we gotten so lazy that we are actually willing to PAY someone $9 per month to clean our trash cans????  Pathetic, if you ask me…but really funny.  Thanks for the grinning, winking, waving thumbs-up trash can friend on the right.  Don’t you want your trash can to look like him?  All it takes is a simple phone call…


And, a few more things I didn’t get pictures of, in no particular order:

  • Re-connecting with a dear friend

  • Psalm 103

  • Dinner and shopping with my favorite sister in Newport Beach

  • My mom’s giving heart and willingness to keep Jack while I had a day away

  • Jack singing an original composition, “Daddy and Me,” into his microphone (actually our old shower head)

  • Watching Ryan play with Jack in his room

 Yes, it was a good week, and today, I’m thankful.


7 Responses to “Smiles”

  1. Sam Neylan Says:

    SUper cool! LOTS of fun stuff and I love the theme of gratitude! PTL! I miss you guys! (wow..LOTS of exclamation points in my comment!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

  2. Ellen Says:

    Lovely. I love the castle through the trees and Jack’s head off the end of his bed!! I posted the night at baba and deda’s today! blessings. (Oh, I do think your purchases are great, too)

  3. Lana G! Says:

    Love your catch up post! A week’s worth of goodness rolled into one! Love it!

  4. Ralina Says:

    What sweet pictures you shared…and thoughts. I did gift card shopping this week too! Think Bed, Bath, and Beyond! I chose a wicker hamper (I’ve always wanted one) and a back massager (the trick now is finding a willing person to massage my back!) =). Thanks, dear friend.

  5. M Lou Says:

    Love all your pictures! When I see hydrangeas I always think of you. Jack looks sooo big and old (2&1/2 yeah) and with eyes open and mouth closed! Grampa even got to see these! I can just picture the gathering of all the sisters, moms, aunts, Baba and then there’s Deda and Jack – bet they had great fun together! Hi to all of them.
    But, the best is getting garbage cans cleaned – who would’a thought ;] I could start that business in my little ole’ town in Michigan!
    luv ya, Mom

  6. M Lou Says:

    I still look at the darling pictures every day!

  7. Becky Says:

    Gosh. We just have a stinky trash can. It’s…a trash can…it’s…supposed to smell…like trash…

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