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Dinner and a Movie…or actually, a Movie and Dinner July 26, 2007

Filed under: Fun — Michelle @ 10:45 pm

This week, Ryan and I got to go out on a date (thanks, Mom!).  We went to see Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, (LOVED it, by the way…how fun it was to see them all grown up and so cute…I thought Umbridge and Luna Lovegood were cast perfectly, too), then went to dinner at Baja Fresh (yes, we’re on a budget…at least it wasn’t Taco Bell…no offense to those who go out to Taco Bell on dinner dates) where we got to eat outside, although it had just rained (in So. Cal?  in the summer? yes.  SO fun.) under a GORGEOUS sky that was greyish and bright blue and gleaming gold all at the same time, and we just talked and laughed and got caught up on all the things that seem to pass us by during normal life.  It was wonderful.  It’s an incredible thing to be married to your best friend, and this was just another reminder of that fact.

Here’s what the sky looked like as we were walking out of the theater.  Can you see the moon right next to the 2nd palm tree from the right?  That’s why I took the picture.  Ryan said I looked like a tourist.


Here’s what the sky looked like from the parking garage.


Isn’t this one of the most GLORIOUS cloud pictures you have ever seen??  It was even better in person.


Here’s Ryan with his Burrito Ultimo, and me with my Baja Burrito in a bowl


Our beautiful view…


8 Responses to “Dinner and a Movie…or actually, a Movie and Dinner”

  1. Ellen Says:

    Ok who took the photo of you guys holding the food. Oh no it’s time to tell Ryan that taking photos doesn’t mean you’re a tourist, du-du-du, it means you’re a blogger!!!!
    The shots you took are glorious.

  2. Lana G! Says:

    Have camera ready and available at all times! New motto o’mine! Look at those lovely pics of the sky -glad you had your camera huh! 😉

  3. M Lou Says:

    I can see why you were taken with those beautiful clouds; you don’t usually see those in S.CA do you? We’ll have Ryan play “tourist” when he oomes to MI and take some pictures for your blog pages!

  4. Laura Says:

    Gorgeous….the clouds and the couple! I’m so glad you guys were able to have a date night! Love you!

  5. Becky Says:

    Oswald Chambers talked about clouds this morning and it made me think of you.

    He says God is always accompanied by clouds (i.e. trials, etc.) because He is too bright to be seen without them. Clouds are a sign of learning to walk by faith. They are a sign that GOD IS THERE. I thought, “That’s Michelley! She rejoices in the clouds, and she rejoices in the presence of God.”

  6. Ralina Says:

    What beautiful pictures and I’m so glad you guys had the chance to go on a date…so, what are those anyway????

    We loved the movie too, although it felt more like a roller coaster ride with fast glimpses of all the wonderful (and not so wonderful) things that happened in the book =).

  7. Virginia Says:

    What a GORGEOUS sky! My favorite time of day is twilight/sunset and this one was ideal. I love all the photos on your site.

    I totally agree about Baja Fresh – if you’re going to do fast food, it’s a vast improvement over Taco Bell, Pollo Loco, Del Taco, etc… love the photo of you two with your dishes.

    Good times – thanks for sharing a glimpse of them.

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