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JackTalk – September Edition September 14, 2007

Filed under: Jack Quotes — Michelle @ 11:52 pm

Welcome to another edition of JackTalk.  Today we will be uncovering some recently redefined definitions of otherwise familiar words and phrases.  Thank you for joining us. “positive it”  — What you do to a video or DVD when you want to leave the room for a second, as in “Mommy, can we positive it while we go play in my room?”“Pocka puwee pozee” — The phrase which follows “Ring around the rosie”“The Gee” — pronounced with a hard “g”; an imaginary friend who is small enough to fit in one’s hand, and often appears on the ceiling or under a table.  Recently was spotted swimming in our pool.“Ohhh bohvah…” — A quote taken from Winnie the Pooh; meant to be said when one is slightly annoyed, like when you drop your snack on the floor.  Alternate pronunciation: “Oh bother.”“octopus…wif a suitcase!!” — a completely random and senseless phrase used in a Veggie Tales movie; useful for making your parents laugh, especially when they are trying to be serious with you. collage11.jpgPlease stay tuned for further installments of JackTalk…  🙂


3 Responses to “JackTalk – September Edition”

  1. Ellen Says:

    Pocka puwee pozee…LOL
    I’m glad you’re sharing these..

  2. Mary Lou Says:

    Ya know – I don’t think Gee came to MI with Jack and Daddy. I don’t remember ever meeting him!!! We were too busy playing drums and conducting the band 🙂

  3. Leonard Says:

    Unca and Manny can’t wait to hear him live!
    gobble gobble!

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