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Family September 15, 2007

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Happy families…own a similarity of good cheer.  For one thing, they like each other, which is quite a different thing from loving.  For another, they have, almost always, one entirely personal treasure – a sort of purseful of domestic humor which they have accumulated against rainy days.  This humor is not necessarily witty.  The jokes may be incomprehensible to outsiders, and the laughter spring from the most trivial of sources. But the jokes and the laughter belong entirely to the family.

-Phyllis McGinley

This is a quote I came across somewhere, and it seemed perfect for the  morning I spent with some of my wonderful family members…my mom, sister, Ryan and Jack, my Aunt Lana and Uncle Steve, Aunt Ellen and Uncle Greg, Aunt Kelly, and cousin Debbee.

We went to one of my favorite restaurants in the whole world, Julienne , for breakfast (someday when I start to post my own restaurant reviews, this will be first on the list), sort of to celebrate my upcoming birthday, partly because 2 of my aunts had never been there before, and mostly because we just love being together.  We came from as far as Camarillo, Huntington Beach,  Santa Clarita, Orange, Whittier and Nuevo all the way to San Marino to eat delectable food, catch up on news and happenings, laugh at “punny” jokes, and just relax.

There is something sweet and comforting about family, and today I am thanking the Lord for mine.



Above left: Uncle G and Aunt E, Above right: Sis M and Cousin D, Bottom: Aunt E, Aunt K, and Cousin D





We got to sit in the library, where the ceiling was so pretty…


More shots of the library…for some reason, the picture on the top right won’t stay where I put it…


Bday presents!  🙂  And  Creme Brulee French Toast…it was a popular order today…DELICIOUS!! 


Berries…and the pic on the right is for Holly.

pict6545.jpg            pict6546.jpg

 R and M outside the restaurant, and J, who wouldn’t look at me for a picture.

(I wasn’t overjoyed about the pics I got today…lots of blurry ones, and I didn’t get everyone who was there.  I’m trying to perfect the no-flash thing, and let’s just say I’m CLEARLY not proficient at it yet…  I may send you over to my aunts’ blogs later for more views of our lovely morning.)


7 Responses to “Family”

  1. Ellen Says:

    OH! I love that quote and your words. Happy real birthday to you and check out my blog later with my Happy B-day greeting and the not so great photos I got. But I did get one of your mom and Ryan…
    “Wait for it” in the world of no flash etc. It will come…
    Blessings upon blessings to you on this day…

  2. […] 16th, 2007 by Ellen Michelle of A Simple Sweet Life is having a birthday […]

  3. Mary Lou Says:

    Your picutes are wonderful – glad you posted them. And J’s is precious just the way it is. (probably even better than if he had looked at you) 🙂

  4. Mary Lou Says:

    p.s. Sure would love to have some of these pics on Snapfish. hint,hint

  5. Leonard Says:

    we always miss the Juliene outings… mwa mwa mwa mwa

  6. Kathy Says:

    The quote was great, the time together was even better, and the food was delectable indeed. We just have too much fun. Wish everyone else could have been there.

  7. Deb & Miss Says:

    Okay so our little brains are a little mushy right now, we are a little ty-ty. We were going to say something fun and clever but alas (Miss had to help me spell that one correctly).
    Dude, you rock, we both absolutely love your blog and are thoroughly impressed. Happy day after your “bur-day”. We “lauv you” so much! Next time we will comment when we are not so tired. Good night!

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