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My Husband’s Birthday September 28, 2007

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Tomorrow is my sweet husband Ryan’s birthday…the big “3-0!!”  Since we are leaving in the morning to go to Julienne for breakfast (yes, we are going again…we use any excuse we can), I thought I would post this tonight (even though I only have 10 more minutes until tomorrow…)  If I had more money than I do, I would buy him an iPod. 

I am thankful to the Lord for creating Ryan on September 29, 1977, and for the way He allowed our paths to cross at The Master’s College and in Majesty in 1998 (ok…I’m feeling old…)

I’m thankful to Mom and Dad Anthony for raising such a wonderful son.

I’m thankful to Ryan for asking me to be his wife in 2001…I love sharing life with you!

I saw this idea on someone’s blog and I liked it…I’m going to come up with 30 clever things to say about why I love Ryan Dean Anthony, although of course there are really millions of reasons I love him… 🙂 These are in no particular order, by the way.

1. He is my best friend.  2. He loves God.  3. He is really smart, and cares about accuracy.  4. He isn’t fake.  5. He loves me all the time, even when I am really unloveable.  6. He works hard to take care of his family.  7. He loves Disneyland!  8. He lets me sleep in on Saturdays.  9. When I don’t feel good or have a bad day, he cooks dinner.  10. He is so unselfish…he’s constantly thinking of me before himself.  11. He can always make me laugh, even when I’m angry.  12.  He praises me and builds me up every day.  13. He thinks I look cute in my glasses.  14. He is an AWESOME dad.  15. He explains things really well.  16. He puts up with my silly little preferences.  17. He knows me better than anyone.  18. He dances really cute.  19. He is one of the most patient people I know.  20. He helps me love God more.  21. He’s a good friend.  22. He is SO different than me!!  23. He’s a really good Bible Study leader.  24. He has taken the time to get to know my Russian family and Russian food!!  25. He makes really good coffee and popcorn, and plus, he’s a grill master.  26. “We’ll be fine, as long as we have each other… and plenty of snacks.”  27. He makes Jack laugh harder than anyone else can.  28. He knows movie quotes and 80’s music so much better than me, but he doesn’t get mad that I really don’t…  29. He has really good taste in restaurants and shopping.  30. He is a humble servant-leader, and loves me like Christ does.  Did I mention that he’s my best friend?



I Love You, Ryan! 


8 Responses to “My Husband’s Birthday”

  1. Ellen Says:

    What a guy!!
    Happy Birthday Ryan. God’s richest blessings on you!
    Oh and your card, well it’s going to Baba and Deda’s on Tuesday. Better late than never.
    Dear and Ellen b.

  2. Sam Neylan Says:

    Happy birthday!!! That was such a cool montage of Ryan’s coolness! Thanx for loving your husband!

  3. Mary Lou Says:

    Well, I was doing fine today (Sat.) thinking about my youngest turning 30 until I read these amazing words about him. Now I have tears running down my cheeks. I am thankful to God for being allowed to be Ryan’s mom and thankful that God helped us in raising him. I am also so thankful that God brought the two of you together. Have a wonderful day Ryan with your other wonderful family – I will miss very much not seeing you today – the day of your birth. God bless you both….with much love in my heart – Mom

  4. Lana G! Says:

    Happy Birthday! Wonderful tribute to an awesome guy!

  5. Ralina Says:


    I loved this sweet tribute to Ryan. I have always believed that you and Ryan are each other’s perfect compliment and am so grateful to the Lord for bringing the two of you together. Happy Birthday, Ryan!! Welcome to the ranks…30 doesn’t feel much different, does it? I do feel a bit more dignified though =). Love you both.

  6. Mercy Says:

    Happy b’day ryan! i m mercy from india, tommorow my husbands b’day too …. and he is turning 30 🙂 when i was searching for good idea i got this from your wife. i will be doing the same thing. i ve started thinking for 30 good thinks abt my husband. i pray to god for both of u. jesus will bless you from heaven. be a perfect pair forever and ever.
    i want to be a wife like your wife so affectionate and lovable

  7. Iman Says:

    Happy birthday Ryan. I thank God when read “My Husband’s Birthday”. May God in Jesus Christ be glorified through your life. Thank you Michell.


  8. shamsaji Says:

    Anyway i searched for lovely words for wishing to my lovely huby shams’s borthday on aug 17th.i know the onething in world’s all husbands are ilike my lovely husband shams i love him too much & he also.i praying for these ,i love u shams.

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