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Friday January 26, 2008

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I’m back.  After dealing with computer drama and then recovering after the busy Christmas season, today seemed blogworthy for a few reasons:

**Woke up to the wonderful news that my newest baby GIRL cousin Hope Bennett was born!!

**It has been gray and raining all week…a refreshing change…and today brought some breathtaking sights and lots of rainbows that a camera just couldn’t capture! 


Jack and I needed to get out for a while…so we found this.


And oh what fun it was…


Just in case you wanted a better view of those hands…


 The boots that made it all possible (thanks, Gramma!), although the little feet are getting too big for them…


And what better way to end a mud puddle splashing session than with a nice warm bubble bath??



**Ryan came home early!

**We had dinner and lots of laughter with some good friends.

Happy Friday!!!