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All Aboard February 29, 2008

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A few things that kept Jack going today…


The sticker chart…notice how many are on the “I did it!” side!!


His own “coffee


Color Wonder finger paints…GENIUS!!


A few things that kept Jack’s Mommy going today…Starbucks, deep breaths of the perfect breeze coming in through my kitchen window, Jack’s nap, and Inko’s Apricot White Tea


Oh, and one more thing…many thanks to Bridget for this crocus because it brought refreshment to my soul and helped me envision a beautiful and serene place where I don’t have to clean up potty accidents.  It truly helped me not to give up this afternoon!  I hope its ok that I borrowed it from you…I would love to see your garden in person someday, by the way…


(Not pictured that kept both Jack and Mommy going: Jelly Bellys)


If it wasn’t obvious enough, the big news in our home is that we have decided to “get on board the potty train” (many thanks to “Bear and the Big Blue House” for the really annoying song that is now in my head…)  Yes, my son is going on 3 1/2 years old.  And yes, we have “started” this process before…many times before…with very little success.  And when I say “very little,” I mean not really any at all.  Okay.  None.  But this time, thanks to a genius book that my friend Danielle let me borrow and the fact that this time around, I am more motivated (and sick of diapers and pull-ups) than I’ve ever been before, Jack (and me, too, if only in my attitude) is actually making pretty good progress!!!  And maybe the advice I kept hearing about how he would “get it when he’s ready” is more accurate than I thought…


The one thing nobody really told me was how exhausted I would be.  And this is only Day 2!  Good grief.  All I can say is, PRAISE THE LORD for the weekend.  And for a husband who brought home Panda Express for dinner. 


 In the midst of it all…the emotion, the frustration, the exhaustion, the consuming nature of the training process… I don’t want this to just be about “getting through the stage.”  It has been a sweet time of watching my little boy grow, try something new, and learn more about how to deal with success and failure.  I’ve learned that, like me, he doesn’t like to fail.  And that my response greatly dictates his.  The Lord was faithful today to allow me to show grace and compassion, and to fail a few times myself.  Even though I’m tempted to beat myself up for not responding rightly in every situation today, I’m so comforted to remember the nature of my Heavenly Father–that He gives grace and forgiveness freely…absolutely….perfectly…every time.  SO not like me.  He’s Who I want Jack to see.


Look-alike Meter February 15, 2008

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I saw this on Veronica’s blog, and really wanted to try it, since most people say Jack looks like Ryan, unless I’m the only one with him and they’ve never seen Ryan.  Then, they say he looks “just like me,” but I think they  mostly say that to be nice or make conversation.  So, I just had to take this “unbiased” test to find out the truth.  Or at least see what answer some computer randomly decided to generate.

Here was my first attempt.  Needless to say, the odds were not looking good for me.

So, I decided to try again with a new picture and at least give myself more of a fighting chance.  Call me desperate.  But I came out on top!!!  If only by a measly 4%…

One more time…at least I could try for 2 out of 3??  Notice the result.  Yay!!  A tie!!  Ok…obviously, Ryan wins this one overall, but I guess that’s ok…I think my boys are both super cute.  🙂 


Happy Heart Day February 14, 2008

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Jack LOVES Kindergym!!


Making pretty “Valentimes”


Roses from my Valentine!


 And…dinner at the Tam O’ Shanter.  This has been a Valentine tradition for Ryan and I since our first married Valentine’s Day in 2002!  Since dinner takes time here, it is a super relaxing and a refreshing time to really talk and catch up on life.  The restaurant has been around since 1922, and has a “Tudor inn” atmosphere. I highly recommend it…the food and the service are both excellent (if you ever visit, you have to try their dessert souffles…DUHLICIOUS!!)


The waiting area


The dining room we sat in…there are a few different ones.  I especially love the high-backed chairs.


Our FOOD!!  Spinach and Artichoke Dip with warm pita bread for an appetizer, the “English Cut” of Prime Rib for me (with mashed potatoes, creamed corn, and Yorkshire pudding), “Filet Oscar” with a crab sauce and veggies for Ryan, and of course, Chocolate Souffle and Creme Brulee (we usually only get the souffle, but we felt like trying something new)…needless to say, we were stuffed!  (Side note: if it looks to you like I got a TON of food and Ryan didn’t, you’re right.  But don’t worry, I brought about half of mine home.  There. Now I feel better.)


I’m so thankful for my Valentine, and for the wonderful evening we had together!! pict7932.jpg

P.S.  (Thanks, Jamie, for being Jack’s Valentine tonight…:)


Aspiring February 4, 2008

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Jack has discovered the fun of taking his own pictures with Ryan’s phone…we thought some of them weren’t too bad for an aspiring 3-year-old photographer.  Here are a few views of his little world:


As I write this, said photographer is singing the tune of “Its a Small World After All” over and over and over and over…with made up nonsense words in place of the real ones.  He has set up a few of his Veggie Tales friends and some Cheerios all in a line on the coffee table, and I think they are performing on a stage…we’ll see if I can sneak a picture of it.

That makes me smile.