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Friday JackTalk April 11, 2008

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Quote of the day:

“And the Gee and I were like, ‘What’s going on?’  And then we went outside in the front, and there was this chicken who was making footprints because he forgot to wipe his feet on the mat…”


UPDATE:  Ok…so I realized that it has been a while since I’ve mentioned “The Gee,” so I need to fill my readers in on some new and pertinent info…since my last post about Jack’s imaginary friend (“The Gee”, pronounced with a hard “G”, by the way), we have been informed that The Gee is actually an owl, whose color may or may not change from day to day (today he is red).  The above quote was just a small snippet of a VERY LONG and RANDOM story which involved a Jeep belonging to the Martins, Mimi and Debbee riding on the roof of said jeep,  Jack’s 14th bday party (now there’s a scary thought), the “stop pedal” and “go pedal,” The Gee and Jack helping to make Jack’s birthday cake…it was nonstop, and almost too fast for me to even document.  I love the mind of my 3 year old these days…





Sarah’s Shower April 5, 2008

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Today Lisa and I threw our friend Sarah a bridal shower/tea.  It was lots of fun.  And very exhausting.  But fun.  Maybe later I will update this post with a link to Lisa’s blog (if she decides to post), since most of the pictures from the shower are on her camera.  Or maybe I will just get the pictures from her and update on my own…either way, here’s a small glimpse of our enjoyable afternoon.

UPDATE: Here’s the link to Lisa’s post about the shower!


Here is what the tables looked like.  Lisa (as always) did a beautiful job on the flowers, and I was really pleased with how the favor boxes turned out!  


The menu:

Chicken Salad with Curry

Open-Face Cucumber Sandwiches

Cream-Filled Strawberries

Raspberry Scones

Lemon Mascarpone Ebleskiver (I think I spelled that wrong…Filled Pancakes in English)


Tea (Strawberries & Cream and Jasmine Flowering)


Virgin Mojito with fresh mint and lime (we couldn’t resist since it fit our green theme…)


Here are a few of the selections


The beautiful bride-to-be


Sarah and her mom, who was able to be here from Arizona for the shower


I didn’t get pics of the other guests or our fun Make-Your-Own Veil Contest, but we had a great time celebrating Sarah!  I couldn’t (actually wouldn’t) do it without you, Lis!!  Now I’m going to bed.