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Happy Birthday to Jamie! May 16, 2008

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Yesterday was Jamie’s birthday!!


Jamie came to our house after her last day of student teaching (YAY!!!), and we went to Rattler’s for dinner (those of you who know me well are probably surprised I would enter the door of a place with such a sinister name, but they have DELICIOUS and wonderful food, and so far they haven’t accepted my petitions to change the name)  Here are some pics from dinner.





Throwing coins in the fountain…


We love you, Jamie!!  We’re so glad we got to spend the evening celebrating YOU!  Happy Birthday!!


3 Responses to “Happy Birthday to Jamie!”

  1. Ellen Says:

    Happy Birthday Jamie. That food does look duhlishious…

  2. Jamie Says:

    Thanks Michelle! I had such a great time with you guys!!

  3. Mom A Says:

    Is Jamie Jk’s special sitter? He looks pretty happy to be with her! Happy be’ltd Birthday Jamie and congrats on finishing student teachin!

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