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June JackTalk June 1, 2008

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Jack:  Mommy, Daddy, why are leaves of trees green?

Michelle: “Go for it, Dad.”

Ryan: (Proceeds to give a scientific-yet-3-year-old-appropriate explanation of clorophyll and photosynthesis…comes in handy to have a super-smart science teacher for a Dad)

Jack: (after a long pause) “Every people live in different countries and they eat lots of green things.”  (listed green things we eat, like broccoli and zucchini).  Another long pause.

“Why do cars have windows?”

Ryan: “Your turn, Mom.”

(Photo of Jack gardening at Nana and Papa’s courtesy of Nana)


4 Responses to “June JackTalk”

  1. Ellen Says:

    LOL! Love it…

  2. Mary Lou Says:

    Ooooh…this is sooo his DAD!! We went thru those questions for years!! Check this one….”how many hairs are on a mouse”? Chelle, don’t let Ryan out of it too easy :+)

  3. Mary Lou Says:

    p.s. am LOL!!

    p.s.s. adoooorable picture!

  4. Beka Walter Says:

    Hey Michelle now that school is out I have time to do fun things like go on blogs and read what other people are up to! I enjoyed looking and reading yours! We will be praying for you guys this weekend! I told your husband I am jealous but in a totally good way. It has been about a year, so we are due to get together again! 🙂 Talk to you when you get back! Beka 🙂

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