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The Ring Bearer June 30, 2008

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Here are some pics of my handsome boy…he did it!!  I’ll post other pics of the lovely wedding and weekend later.  We’re taking it easy today, since we had quite a full week.  It was such a sweet time celebrating with family members who we love. 

Warning:  Lots of Jack pics below…I just couldn’t decide.  I’ll put up some of the other beautiful people soon.  🙂





After the “practice run”…it wasn’t a simple walk down the aisle, by the way…the whole wedding party followed a curvy path around the whole sanctuary


We went to a beautiful ranch near the church for pictures…the red building is the ranch office


I think this is one of my favorites




Almost ready…


Doing his job…he made it all the way through the maze! 


P.S.  Bribing works.


8 Responses to “The Ring Bearer”

  1. Ellen Says:

    Oh so stinking cute!! I love the one next to that cool door. Well I really like them all and am so glad you posted all of them!

  2. Sam Neylan Says:

    He’s SO adorable!!!!

  3. Debbee Says:

    Okay is it crazy to me how much he looks like Tim when he was little in these pictures. I will have to pull one out, b/c wow, Jack totally is Tim! And he was SOOOOOOOO great at the wedding, good job Mom and Dad:)!

  4. Ralina Says:

    He is so cute and so grown-up!!! I am still amazed at how much he looks like you in one picture and then exactly like Ryan in the next =).

  5. M Lou Says:

    I’ve looked at these pictures every day since they’ve been posted, and I still can’t get over how absolutely adorable that little boy is! I’m not a biased Grandma…huh!!!!! “+”

  6. Adorable and so grown up! I love looking at your blog. Great pics, fun things in life God has you doing, great family, etc. I’m so proud to know a famous band member! Love ya.

  7. Holly Ann Says:

    Why is he starting to look grown up? No thank you. He’s so cute I can almost not stand it sometimes. And I second that (e)motion about that picture you called one of your favorites. Deadly cute, that one.

  8. Janice Says:

    OMStars and stripes…he looks SO fabulous!! Well done you two!

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