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My Northwest Getaway (Part 1) July 21, 2008

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I’m home!!  I had such a wonderful and refreshing and adventurous and sweet and yummy and beautiful and all-by-myself vacation, but there’s truly no place like home.  Since my time in Washington was pretty much divided into 2 parts (time with family and time with friends for Susi’s wedding), I think I will post the 2 parts separately.  For now, here are a few highlights of time spent with sweet family members.  My trip began last Tuesday, and aside from a long delay in the airport security line, I had a nice uneventful flight.


Favorite parts of the flight: the clouds, my new ipod shuffle from my sister, ginger ale with lime (standard flying beverage of choice), and the view of Mt. Rainier just before we landed in Seattle


My dear friend Kate picked me up at the airport with her 3 munchkins, and we were able to spend some time together, which was so sweet, since we hadn’t seen each other in a year and a half!  We had dinner at Panera Bread, our favorite hangout, and then walked the mall for a while.  Kate has always been an inspiring example to me of intentional wife and motherhood and dedication to prayer and God’s Word.  Ashlyn and Jack were born 2 weeks apart and it was so much fun to see Weston and Hudson (not pictured), too!



On Wednesday we (my Aunt Ellen, cousin Josh and his wife Laura, and me) took the ferry from Edmonds to Kingston.  It was a breathtakingly beautiful day, but pretty windy on the ferry, as you can see!


After arriving in Kingston, we drove a little ways to Port Gamble, an absolutely adorable town, and headed for the Tea Room, where we shared a delightful afternoon tea and conversation.  Josh, who had never had the joy of taking afternoon tea, was a good sport and even donned the most masculine hat he could find!  We all agreed that tea is a very refined and relaxing activity.


After tea, we strolled through the town to see what we could see.  Here are some views of Port Gamble



We came across this beautiful view and had to stop and take pictures, of course!  Here are Laura and I…it is a special gift to be able to call someone a relative and a dear friend…Laura is that to me!



We also visited Buena Vista Cemetary at the top of the hill with a lovely view of Hood Canal, I think (is that right, Ellen?)


Josh found a headstone with this poem engraved on it:

Remember friend as you pass by,

As you are now so once was I;

As I am now you soon will be,

Prepare for death and follow me.


Our ferry ride back:


That evening we were joined for dinner by my other two Northwest cousins, Dan and Katie at PF Changs.  What a fun and wonderful day!!


Thursday morning, I took a walk in Josh and Laura’s neighborhood


Josh and I drove over to Aunt Ellen’s for lunch, and then Aunt Ellen and I took a quick trip over to the Goodwill to see what treasures we might find.  Somehow, the little trinkets people get rid of up there are way more interesting than the ones I’ve found at our local GW, and both my aunt Ellen and my aunt Lana seem to have the knack for finding all sorts of delightful things…by the way, we visited another GW with the addition of Laura and Lana on Saturday morning!  I will try to post about my finds later…

That evening, I ventured about 30 miles over to Susi and Jonathan’s rehearsal dinner all by myself (and managed to make it without getting lost!)  Stay tuned for wedding pics…

Thank you, dear family members, for your love and hospitality…I had a simply wonderful time with you!!


Here it comes… July 14, 2008

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I really should be finalizing my packing and cleaning my kitchen so I can leave with a clean conscience tomorrow, but I just had to share this story.


So we’ve known for a while that Jack is most likely doomed to be a nerd.  I worked in a library, am paranoid about correct spelling and grammar, and love museums, and Ryan was his high school valedictorian, teaches Physics and remembers details.  I wore purple coke bottle glasses, and Ryan had braces.  The running joke in our family is that its a good thing we have my sister around to keep Jack fashionable, at least.


But nothing could have prepared us for what happened tonight.  Just as a reminder, Jackson Moses Dean is three (3) years old. 

Our usual bedtime routine consists of 1 or 2 stories, then a Bible story before brushing teeth and heading to bed, where we sing 2 songs and pray.  Tonight, we asked Jack if he wanted to pick the first book.  Instead of choosing a book from the book basket in the living room or the bookshelf in his room, he tried to explain what he was looking for, and we were at a loss for a while, until I finally figured it out.  And that’s when I knew that it is coming much sooner than I had anticipated.

For his bedtime story, Jack picked…wait for it…the pamphlet from the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library.

  He wanted Ryan to read it in its entirety (at least we still have the blessing of being in the pre-reading stage so we can skip), then when we got to the map at the end, he said, “Now we have to trace our finger”, which meant we had to re-trace our steps and talk about where we parked, what we did, where we went (in order), and what each area was. 

Oh no…

UPDATE:  Many thanks to Lindsay, who brought to my attention my spelling error above…no, I did not do that on purpose!  I guess I wasn’t “paranoid” enough about correct spelling at the time of writing this!  🙂


Monday Musings

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For all of my readers who have Disneyland annual passes or just like Disneyland and want to know more about it, here’s a helpful piece of information.  Just in case you temporarily misplace your pass (or, in this case, your son’s pass), because it got left in the wallet of your cousin Debbee who was kind enough to take him to see both the Pixar parade in California Adventure and the Parade of Dreams in Disneyland while you went to the Blue Bayou for dinner a few weeks ago, you’ll be glad to know that Disneyland will be happy to issue you one (1) Courtesy Visit Certificate per year.  After that, if you find that your pass is gone forever, they will be happy to charge you $20 to replace it.  So there you go.


I’m getting ready to leave for my trip to Seattle for Susi and Jonathan’s wedding…it feels a little weird to be taking a trip by myself without my boys…last summer Ryan and Jack took a trip to Michigan, and while they were gone I kept busy by redecorating our bedroom (see collage below).  But this time, I’m the one leaving.  Since the temp. will be about 20 degrees cooler in WA (73 degrees) than its supposed to be down here in CA (93 degrees), I have to shift my wardrobe thoughts, too!




Yesterday in Crossroads, Rick Holland’s message was from 1 Peter 5:8-11 on “A Believer’s Strategy for Enduring Difficult Times”, which consists of 1) Preparing Yourself for suffering and trials by being in the Word (“Yes, this is the Read Your Bible More sermon”), 2) Resisting Satan and fleeing sin and temptation by being firm in your faith and having your mind on Christ, and 3) Trusting God, who is full of all Grace and will Himself perfect, confirm, strengthen, and establish His children!  It was a convicting and challenging message.

What stuck with Ryan and I was the comment he made when he was talking about being in the Word.  He said this: “I have never counseled someone who is struggling with a serious sin issue who was having deep and consistent times with the Lord.”  He also quoted John MacArthur by saying “When a man falls into sin, he doesn’t fall very far.”  It reminded both of us of what one of my uncles describes as “being a soldier in your heart” for Christ.


One final thought:

Jack has been into being a superhero lately.  The first pic is of him just before he saved the world (good thing he had both pairs of sunglasses…)  Then, at the end of last week, Jack got to hang out with his buddy Ethan while our good friends the Bohrs were visiting, and they played and played and played.  The second pic is of the superhero buddies in action, “defeating the bad guys”.  You can be assured the world is really safe now.




Happy Birthday, Little Blog! July 7, 2008

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Today is asimplesweetlife’s 1st birthday!  It also happens to be my 50th post, which makes the order-loving side of me very happy. 🙂  Thank you, dear readers, for journeying with me through life this year, and for all your encouraging thoughts and comments, which are like little presents I love to open!  The funny little world of blogging has brought joy and inspiration into my life, and the blogs I read often challenge my heart and draw my mind to Christ. 


I came across this prayer by John Fawcett in my reading recently, and thought it was fitting for today.  During this year, God has allowed me to see more of His grace as I see more of my sin, and as a result, the cross and the message of the Gospel have become even more dear to my heart.  I pray that my hunger for God and thirst for His Word would continue to grow in the coming year.


“You O God are unchangeable in Your nature, glorious in Your essence, wonderful in Your perfections, wise in Your counsels, and holy in all Your works. It is my greatest good and highest happiness–to enjoy Your favor, and to behold Your glory. Permit me to say, with Your servant Moses, ‘I beseech You, show me Your glory!’ Show me the glory of Your wisdom, Your holiness, Your power, Your grace, and Your mercy in Christ Jesus. This will give me a distaste for the gaudy vanities of the present world.  Your Divine beauty and infinite loveliness, as displayed in the glorious Mediator, will captivate my desires, inflame my love, and excite my joy and delight!”

“Therefore, to you who believe, He is precious…”

1 Peter 2:7



Tim and Jessica’s Wedding July 6, 2008

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I don’t think I accomplished my goal of taking it easy this week, except for the day of my last post, when all I got done was…one blog post.  We spent the rest of the week driving…Tuesday to Laguna Beach, Wednesday to Simi Valley and Camarillo, Thursday to Camarillo again, Friday to Huntington Beach, and Saturday to Garden Grove. We spent time with my family members here from Dallas most of the days (and it was well worth it, let me tell you, especially since we got to see my sweet cousin Hope often!), and managed to make it to a lovely beach house, the Reagan Library, the beach again for 4th festivities, and another wedding!  I hope to post about each of these things…maybe.  But for now, as promised, here are a few more wedding pics from last weekend.


Here’s Jack with the groom…my “little cousin” Tim…the scary thing is, I remember when Tim was born.  I remember when he was Jack’s age.  Deep sigh.  Now he’s a handsome and responsible adult…and a HUSBAND!!!!  Breathe…just breathe.


I wasn’t able to get any good face shots of Tim and Jessica together…but I love this one of Jack and Jess.  She was such a lovely bride!


My grandparents (Baba and Deda) who are a tremendous example of faithful service to the Lord and deep love for one another and their family (I posted a tribute for their anniversary here). 


Our little family


Jack and the flower girls waiting for their cue


The flowers at our table


I loved the monogram on the cake


Yep, that’s my son on the dance floor…about an hour later he was still there, surrounded by ladies, whom he had persuaded to join him…


The cousins (in all, there are 18 of us on my mom’s side, 24 with spouses…7 were not able to be at the wedding)  Somehow my disheveled son sneaked his way into the picture, although he’s not technically a first cousin.  🙂  As you may be able to tell from his appearance, this was after his shenanigans on the dance floor…


Congratulations, Tim and Jessica! 

What a beautiful day of celebration–we love you and were honored to be part of your wedding! 


“What therefore God has joined together, let no man separate.” 

Mark 10:9