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Here it comes… July 14, 2008

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I really should be finalizing my packing and cleaning my kitchen so I can leave with a clean conscience tomorrow, but I just had to share this story.


So we’ve known for a while that Jack is most likely doomed to be a nerd.  I worked in a library, am paranoid about correct spelling and grammar, and love museums, and Ryan was his high school valedictorian, teaches Physics and remembers details.  I wore purple coke bottle glasses, and Ryan had braces.  The running joke in our family is that its a good thing we have my sister around to keep Jack fashionable, at least.


But nothing could have prepared us for what happened tonight.  Just as a reminder, Jackson Moses Dean is three (3) years old. 

Our usual bedtime routine consists of 1 or 2 stories, then a Bible story before brushing teeth and heading to bed, where we sing 2 songs and pray.  Tonight, we asked Jack if he wanted to pick the first book.  Instead of choosing a book from the book basket in the living room or the bookshelf in his room, he tried to explain what he was looking for, and we were at a loss for a while, until I finally figured it out.  And that’s when I knew that it is coming much sooner than I had anticipated.

For his bedtime story, Jack picked…wait for it…the pamphlet from the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library.

  He wanted Ryan to read it in its entirety (at least we still have the blessing of being in the pre-reading stage so we can skip), then when we got to the map at the end, he said, “Now we have to trace our finger”, which meant we had to re-trace our steps and talk about where we parked, what we did, where we went (in order), and what each area was. 

Oh no…

UPDATE:  Many thanks to Lindsay, who brought to my attention my spelling error above…no, I did not do that on purpose!  I guess I wasn’t “paranoid” enough about correct spelling at the time of writing this!  🙂


9 Responses to “Here it comes…”

  1. Ellen Says:

    LOL! Ronald Reagan bedtime story!! Well you have to admit the library is fascinating :0) with that huge airforce one jet hanging there, etc.
    I’m very impressed.

  2. Sarah B Says:

    I love it. What a little smarty.

  3. Sam Neylan Says:

    oh yes!!!!! You’ve got yourself a little Alex P Keaton!

  4. M Lou Says:

    Grampa and I are LOL big time!! Maybe Jack needs to go to an Angels game with Miss!!! (still LOL)

  5. M Lou Says:

    I had to call Aunt Jenn and read this to her — she said it sounded normal to us! What a little darling he’ll be….super hero in the morning, college professor at night!

  6. Lana G! Says:

    OMG! That is fabulous, just fabulous! Mind like a steel trap!

  7. Ralina Says:

    Jack can come and play with all of my little nerds if he ever feels out of place with all of those boring normal people =). Loved the superhero pics!!!

  8. Lindsay Says:

    I like how you said you’re “parannoyd” about spelling. was the misspelling on purpose? ha ha!

  9. Levi Says:

    Sounds like a nice break from “Yellow and Pink”

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