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Monday Musings July 14, 2008

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For all of my readers who have Disneyland annual passes or just like Disneyland and want to know more about it, here’s a helpful piece of information.  Just in case you temporarily misplace your pass (or, in this case, your son’s pass), because it got left in the wallet of your cousin Debbee who was kind enough to take him to see both the Pixar parade in California Adventure and the Parade of Dreams in Disneyland while you went to the Blue Bayou for dinner a few weeks ago, you’ll be glad to know that Disneyland will be happy to issue you one (1) Courtesy Visit Certificate per year.  After that, if you find that your pass is gone forever, they will be happy to charge you $20 to replace it.  So there you go.


I’m getting ready to leave for my trip to Seattle for Susi and Jonathan’s wedding…it feels a little weird to be taking a trip by myself without my boys…last summer Ryan and Jack took a trip to Michigan, and while they were gone I kept busy by redecorating our bedroom (see collage below).  But this time, I’m the one leaving.  Since the temp. will be about 20 degrees cooler in WA (73 degrees) than its supposed to be down here in CA (93 degrees), I have to shift my wardrobe thoughts, too!




Yesterday in Crossroads, Rick Holland’s message was from 1 Peter 5:8-11 on “A Believer’s Strategy for Enduring Difficult Times”, which consists of 1) Preparing Yourself for suffering and trials by being in the Word (“Yes, this is the Read Your Bible More sermon”), 2) Resisting Satan and fleeing sin and temptation by being firm in your faith and having your mind on Christ, and 3) Trusting God, who is full of all Grace and will Himself perfect, confirm, strengthen, and establish His children!  It was a convicting and challenging message.

What stuck with Ryan and I was the comment he made when he was talking about being in the Word.  He said this: “I have never counseled someone who is struggling with a serious sin issue who was having deep and consistent times with the Lord.”  He also quoted John MacArthur by saying “When a man falls into sin, he doesn’t fall very far.”  It reminded both of us of what one of my uncles describes as “being a soldier in your heart” for Christ.


One final thought:

Jack has been into being a superhero lately.  The first pic is of him just before he saved the world (good thing he had both pairs of sunglasses…)  Then, at the end of last week, Jack got to hang out with his buddy Ethan while our good friends the Bohrs were visiting, and they played and played and played.  The second pic is of the superhero buddies in action, “defeating the bad guys”.  You can be assured the world is really safe now.




5 Responses to “Monday Musings”

  1. Ellen Says:

    Oh this is just fabulous! Jack and Ethan made my day. We can hardly wait to see you in sunny, warm, beautiful, blue skies, Seattle!!
    Love both the quotes from the pastors too.

  2. M Lou Says:

    Receiving-blanket capes just never go out of style do they!! You just have yourself a good time on your short trip — your boys will be in good hands of Nana.
    I read and re-read your sermon notes – really good points to think on.

  3. Holly Ann Says:

    I love that last picture more than just about anything today. Thanks for that. Leaving soon? Before we can be everyday friends?

  4. Lana G! Says:

    OH MY! I do feel especially safe now!!

    Welcome to the Northwest…!

  5. kbagdanov Says:

    Jack is sooo Timothy. Good to know the world continues to be safe.

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