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738 August 20, 2008

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That’s how many pictures I took while we were in Michigan.  Yep, you heard me.  Obsessed?  Maybe.  I prefer to call it

Memory Conscious And Aware Of Beauty Around Me.


That said, with so many pictures to choose from, it was rather difficult to decide how to post about our trip!  We had a wonderful time with Ryan’s family.  Jack had so much fun swimming and playing with his Gramma and Grampa, following the cats, and warming up to the dogs…Ryan had fun eating Kilwin’s ice cream 5 out of the 7 nights we were there, riding tractors, and looking through old pictures…and I had fun shopping, getting a pedicure with my MIL, riding tractors, (bet you haven’t said those 2 things together in a sentence) and taking 738 new picturesl!


 Here are more than a few collages of our Michigan highlights (and I still didn’t include everything)…enjoy!


Views of Lovely Lake Michigan (in case you were wondering, in the lower right corner is a lightning bolt I managed to capture during a perfect evening thunderstorm!)


Various tractors of various sizes (yep, that’s me driving the John Deere!)


 The farm, which has been in Ryan’s family since the early 1800’s…that’s almost 100 years before any of my family even came to the US by the way…



Jack Jack in Michigan


 Flowers in Michigan


 Kilwin’s Ice Cream is truly amazing.  Truly.


 St. Joseph, Michigan…love it!


Grandparents Galore


Family moments…with Great Grandma Waggott (Ryan’s maternal grandma), Ryan’s parents, Jennifer and Brian (Ryan’s older sister and brother-in-law), his Aunt Diane who joined us for an outdoor band concert, Uncle Wayne (who takes care of the farm), and Grandma Anthony (Ryan’s paternal grandma who was born in the house on the farm and still lives there today) 


And now…if you had the strength and fortitude to make it through that many collages, you win the prize of viewing a few of my favorite shots all by themselves…Congratulations!  🙂







I’m saving my very favorite for its own post so I can’t entirely give it away…but here’s just a taste because I couldn’t resist…I love it!

Thank you, Mom and Dad A., for such a fabulous time…we love you!



5 Responses to “738”

  1. andtheivy Says:

    And for a second there, Ryan looked completely bald. Truly. I’m glad you guys had a good time! Next time, please tell Mary Lou that I’m coming with. Surely, she misses me since our TPB days.

  2. Ellen Says:

    Love, love, love all the collages! How very cool to experience the Family Farm!! I love the shot of Jack on the mini tractor. Ok were you able to catch a shot of lightning?? I’m really impressed. And that is pronounced impress-ED!
    It’s great to catch a glimpse of MLou! Hi MLou. Your looking good girl…

  3. M Lou Says:

    I had finished reading the blog list for the night….did some other emailing…went back to my Google page….and there was your post!! (thx Ry and Chell for setting me up with the Google quick look….or whatever it’s called ;=?)

    Your collages are FABULOUS! You chose absolutely perfect shots and descriptions. Seeing the week thru your eyes was even better. St Joseph is a beautiful little town.
    Hi Holly and Ellen. Holly, I’ll need to read your blogs so I can catch up with you.
    Keeping the Lump out of my throat and tears out of my eyes…luv to all, Mom

  4. M Lou Says:

    Oh, p.s.
    When I saw your title – I knew what it was going to mean! And really, your face wasn’t behind a camara thaaat much :+)

    AND, now just put those same pictures on Snapfish and this will be one happy Gramma. (I would, but I just love your pic choices and I don’t really know how to do it!! aw)

  5. Lana G! Says:

    Oh these are great! Love them all – what fun you had!

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