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My 30th Birthday September 23, 2008

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Tuesday, September 16, 2008: A Practically Perfect Day…


A birthday present from God…this amazing morning sky!



I was so happy to spend my birthday morning at Master’s Kids with Jack…we did a fish stamping craft…with a REAL (dead) fish!!  Definitely a yummy smell in the room…one of the instructions to the moms was: “Don’t say ‘GROSS’ or ‘YUCK!'”  One of my aunts told me she was proud of me for smiling in this picture, but it really wasn’t that bad…I think the teacher in me came out a little.  🙂



Jack wanted to paint with each color…I love this shot of him!




 After Master’s Kids, Jack and I walked out to our car to find…Ryan standing there!  That was a total surprise, since I thought he was at work.  He had brought a Lemon Brulee Scone from Julienne AND these lovely flowers…how sweet is that????



 We headed out to pick up my mom, and continued on to Orange County, where we met my sister.  Then came the next surprise of the day…an afternoon at Burke Williams Spa!!!!   Oh. My. Word.  Complete and total relaxation perfection.  Seriously.  I highly recommend this place and am planning on going back someday!  Such a sweet time with my mom and sister…



Next stop:  Disneyland for a birthday button, birthday phone call from Goofy, and of course a few pictures!



 Another surprise…dinner at Roy’s, where I was given my own personalized Happy Birthday menu!  Definitely the coolest menu I’ve ever gotten..



 Views from our table…SUCH a delicious meal, aaaand dessert was on the house!  Even a special personalized plate for Jack.



People I love who were there to share dinner with me… (thanks, Aunt Lana, for treating us all!!!)



My incredible husband worked so hard on every detail to make sure it was a special surprise day for me…I don’t deserve this man!!!!



I don’t deserve this sweet sister, either…she put SO much thought and care into this day.



Oh!  I almost forgot…here are some of my birthday presents (as if the day’s events weren’t enough…)! 

 I LOVE this cookbook!  So stinkin’ cute.


Oh yeah.  And, along with the dvd set, I also got a Green Gables Girls Getaway weekend in October!!!  CANNOT wait!!!



Every girl’s dream: the little blue box…and what came in it (from my husband…I know…seriously spoiled!)


Thank you, dear family members, for this day!!!  And, thank you, dear Lord, for being SO good to me…I do not deserve these blessings, or your love.


In my next post: The Party!  Maybe, just maybe, I will find the time to download the new Picasa before then…



My Master’s Kid!! September 10, 2008

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Yesterday Jack and I went to our first day of The Master’s Kids!  TMK is a Mommy-and-me preschool program through our church that meets once a week on Tuesdays.  After our first time meeting together, I am SO excited for this year of new experiences with my sweet son!  Here’s a glimpse of our first day…


Super cute cake with the logo of TMK


Each month we will focus on a different Fruit of the Spirit (this month is Patience) and a different theme (this month is Transportation).  And, each week we will focus on a different letter of the alphabet.  Jack and I are on the Apple team!


As we come in each week, Jack gets to sign his name


The Master’s Kids 08-09!  Jack did a great job (mostly) sitting quietly with his feet on the floor.  This is the first school experience most of these kids have had, so they were a wiggly bunch.  🙂  SO cute!  That’s Jack’s friend David on his right, and Isaac on his left (next to the kid you can’t see…)



Each kid got to go up front and introduce him or herself, then his or her mom…and Jack actually did it!  I was so proud.  🙂


Craft time…here we are making our Fruit of the Spirit mobile together


Stoplight Craft!


I’m so thankful for this time with Jack…I know it will go by so fast so I’m treasuring every moment!


Cookie Cutters and Popsicles September 4, 2008

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Another cute and easy idea from flip-flops & applesauce



At first I didn’t think I had any alphabet cookie cutters…


…but then I noticed that my candy cane very nicely doubles as a “J”!!!  What a great discovery!


This afternoon I decided to use up my slightly too soft honeydew melon and make my own popsicles…an idea I got from my mom (thanks Mom!)  I figured even though it’s September, popsicles are still allowed if the weather is over 100 degrees…


Blend all ingredients together (I used about 1/2 of the melon, a handful each of the raspberries and strawberries, and a few tablespoons of honey)


Pour into dixie cups (it made 12 cups).


Put into the freezer and freeze for about 20 minutes, or until a popsicle stick stands up straight in the middle of each cup.  Freeze for another hour or so until they’re set.  When you take them out to eat, let them sit for a few minutes and they will slide out of the cups easily.  Now that I’ve tasted one, I realized I forgot to add lemon or lime juice for extra flavor.  But for a healthy, all natural snack, I was pleasantly surprised at how good they were!


After one of these tasty (and healthy) treats, you’ll be ready to jam with your broom bass guitar too…


I heart Target September 3, 2008

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Look what I got at Target today for $6.24 (original price: $25.29)… It’s a Shark Tent!!!!  Complete with removable eyes and a small orange fish!  Oh, the fun to be had…