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Cookie Cutters and Popsicles September 4, 2008

Filed under: Fun,Recipes,Summer — Michelle @ 10:19 pm

Another cute and easy idea from flip-flops & applesauce



At first I didn’t think I had any alphabet cookie cutters…


…but then I noticed that my candy cane very nicely doubles as a “J”!!!  What a great discovery!


This afternoon I decided to use up my slightly too soft honeydew melon and make my own popsicles…an idea I got from my mom (thanks Mom!)  I figured even though it’s September, popsicles are still allowed if the weather is over 100 degrees…


Blend all ingredients together (I used about 1/2 of the melon, a handful each of the raspberries and strawberries, and a few tablespoons of honey)


Pour into dixie cups (it made 12 cups).


Put into the freezer and freeze for about 20 minutes, or until a popsicle stick stands up straight in the middle of each cup.  Freeze for another hour or so until they’re set.  When you take them out to eat, let them sit for a few minutes and they will slide out of the cups easily.  Now that I’ve tasted one, I realized I forgot to add lemon or lime juice for extra flavor.  But for a healthy, all natural snack, I was pleasantly surprised at how good they were!


After one of these tasty (and healthy) treats, you’ll be ready to jam with your broom bass guitar too…


5 Responses to “Cookie Cutters and Popsicles”

  1. Von Cook Says:

    No doubt that’s one of the simplest recipe ideas – And cute little Musician you have there. =)

  2. Ellen Says:

    Fabulous! Hey I have a J at my house too. Hope the jammer doesn’t jump too high and make a hole in the ceiling :0)

  3. Noelle Says:

    hey, i love your ideas! i am going to give these a try!

    by the way, i saw your comment on my little decoupage project…it was SUPER easy, i will definitely do a step-by-step on my blog when i do another one (soon i hope)!

  4. M Lou Says:

    Very cute “J” sandwich, and yummie popsickles ( the cups are cute too)…..then I get to the picture of Jack and crack up! So bass players rock out with their heads back! (I know he’s imitating that guy in the praise band) Ya think the boy likes guitars….especially on a stage!!??

  5. svet Says:

    Check out his fingers…OK, that’s some serious air guitar!!! 🙂

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