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“I…Am…That…HERO!!!!” October 31, 2008

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This was our first year to really get into creating a Halloween costume.  What made it exciting was that Jack totally thought of who he wanted to be (Larry Boy…Veggie Tales’ Larry the Cucumber’s secret superhero identity), and stuck with it, leaving Ryan and I to come up with a way to make it happen!  Fortunately, I am blessed with a ninja for a husband, hence the amazing plunger helmet.  🙂  Someday, I will own a sewing machine AND become at least somewhat proficient in using it.  But until then, I did what I could with…a glue gun.  And, my amazingly proficient mom made the cape.  We had so much fun working together to create this costume.


My little Larry Boy in his superhero pose


The “real” Larry Boy


This picture is so you can fully appreciate the glory of the helmet  🙂


And of course, a serious pose…complete with the mask.  “Bumblyburg needs a hero…I…AM…THAT…HERO!!!!”


Because I know you are all wondering, yes…the helmet WAS heavy…and no, he did not wear it for very long.  But Jack loved his Larry Boy costume tonight.  And that made it all worth it.  🙂


Happy Halloween!

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This week at Master’s Kids, we got to dress up as something on the farm.   Jack’s idea was for us to be a sunflower and a bee…so here we are!!  🙂


My favorite sunflower pic from Sunflower Alley


Lombardi Ranch–Our October tradition since Jack was in my tummy.  I can’t believe he’ll be 4 in a few weeks!


So thankful for my family!


Here are our Jack-o-lanterns to say “Happy Halloween!”


Underwood Farms Field Trip October 27, 2008

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Last week Jack and I went on a field trip with Master’s Kids to Underwood Farms in Moorpark.  What a fun-filled trip!  Aside from the blazing hot weather (still waiting for fall to really arrive here in So. Cal!), it was a lovely day. 


We got to take a wagon ride through the sunflower fields and see all sorts of fruit trees.  Jack is sitting next to his friend David.  Also, my Aunt Ellen was able to join us, since she lives nearby.  What a fun treat!  🙂


 Some of my favorite Jack pics…

“How Tall This Fall?”


Jack and his friend Isaac enjoyed feeding carrots to some animals…I love this shot, because it catches the situation perfectly…as Jack was going to put his carrot down the chute, this little horse got anxious for his snack and stuck his mouth through the bars, which startled Jack and he dropped the carrot!


I love his cute little face in this one!


Each of the kids got 3 tickets to “spend” on an activity of their choice.  Jack chose a tractor ride on one of these mini tractors…when you put in a token, the engine starts and the gas pedal works and everything!  He got to drive all around this enclosed area and had a BLAST.  So fun!


Top right: a goat ramp…putting that picture in a collage really doesn’t do it justice…that goat is up as high as the top of the trees!  Also, see the butternut squash Jack is holding?  I made some soup with it later in the week that turned out to be really delicious!  Probably because it came from the farm.  🙂 


Glorious Girly Getaway Weekend October 25, 2008

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I am so excited to finally have some time to blog!  The past few weeks have been packed FULL with other stuff, and so often I have just wanted to sit down and write a post, but everything else was shouting louder to demand my attention.  Today, I have a few minutes…yay!!!

God is so good.  Not only did He provide me with sweet encouragement from blog readers after my last post, but He also orchestrated the timing of a Girls Getaway Weekend (a gift from my sister and my aunt for my birthday).  The purpose?  To get away as girls, and relax, and read, and watch Anne of Green Gables.  That’s all.  It was glorious.


The timing was perfect, the weather was breathtaking, the company was delightful, the reading material was prolific, visiting gardens was serene, being in my aunt’s home was refreshing, and of course…there was Anne. 


The sky as we were landing in Seattle…it was wonderful to get a real taste of fall, since our So Cal “fall” weather has been in the 90’s…


The bedside table in my room…


My Friday morning walk


Bellevue Botanical Gardens…my lovely aunt Lana and I on the left, cousin-in-law (and friend) Laura and I in the center, and sister (who thought this all up) with Laura on the right


Our almost 3-hour vacation shopping trip to Whole Foods…what fun!!


My cousin Katie joined us later that evening, and we baked cookies and made hot cocoa in preparation for Anne Evening #1


In our comfies ready to begin!


Saturday morning we had ebleskivers (YUM!!!) and took a group walk (joined by Uncle Steve and cousin Josh) to a spot in the neighborhood where you can see Mt. Rainier


The rest of the afternoon was spent preparing for High Tea…Katie prepared our beautiful place settings, (provided by my Aunt Lana and Aunt Ellen), while the rest of us worked together to make “duhlishus” tea delicacies


It was such a special thing to work hard together preparing, then be able to sit down and enjoy together what we had just prepared!  My aunt prayed for each one of us girls before we began, and I was reminded yet again of the blessing of the godly women that the Lord has placed in my family.  I never want to take that for granted.  It is such a gift to be family AND friends with these incredible ladies!


Each of us had a different teacup (mine is in the center).  We were very pleased with how our food turned out!


After cleaning up, we got comfy again to enjoy Anne Evening #2…we laughed, we cried…it was lovely!



On Sunday we were joined by my cousins Josh and Dan for breakfast, and then we set out for the Seattle Japanese Gardens.  On the way, we stopped so I could snap more fall tree pics…thanks, Costco Home parking lot!  🙂



The gardens were breathtaking and so calming.  I could do a whole post on that one place, but here are just a few views.


Taking off to fly home. 

“I don’t want diamond sunbursts, or marble halls…I just…want…another Anne weekend next year!” 

(I couldn’t resist one Anne quote with a few changes…it just seemed fitting)


Thank you to all you girls for a weekend of wonderful memories…thank you to my sweet and thoughtful sister for thinking up the whole thing, and thank you to my beautiful aunt for refreshing us all with your hospitality, generosity and love.


Thank you October 5, 2008

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Sweet blog readers,


Your comments have been such an encouragement.  Thank you.  God has been good to me through you.  I really wondered whether to keep that post up, but I know I will now, because I want to remember the way my Heavenly Father healed my heart and refreshed my spirit through my faithful friends.


Thank you.


“The Lord will command His lovingkindness in the daytime;

And His song will be with me in the night, a prayer to the God of my life. 

Why are you in despair, O my soul?

And why have you become disturbed within me?

Hope in God, for I shall yet praise Him,

The help of my countenance and my God.”


Psalm 42:8, 11



Fragile October 4, 2008

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I feel fragile this week.  There have been wonderful moments, like Ryan’s birthday, and our train field trip with Master’s Kids.  SO much to be thankful for.  And I am thankful…thoughtful…it has just been one of those weeks when tears are close by, and Eeyeore’s little rain cloud seems to be right there over my head, no matter which way I turn.  I don’t usually blog when I’m feeling sad…if I’ve had a hard day, I’ll wait until it’s over with and I’m a little more balanced.  But it’s Friday (almost Saturday), and that “balance” hasn’t come quite yet.  So I thought I would just go ahead and practice being vulnerable by opening up to my blog readers about where I am right now.  There’s a part of me that is afraid to publish this post.  What is so hard for me seems small in comparison to the trials of others, and I don’t want to be a drama queen.  But for a reason that only God knows, this is my trial.  Maybe I’ll publish this and then delete it later.  But for now…   


Here’s what contributed to “fragile”:


Earlier this week, “Miss Lori” on PBS Kids was asking the kid tv viewers if they had little brothers or sisters.  I was in the kitchen, but I heard Jack answer, “No, but I weely weely want to have one.”

That made my heart hurt.


Sometimes, even when my brain knows what is true about God– about His goodness, His timing, His perfect plan…even when I know what is true about my life– that I am blessed beyond what I deserve in the gift of salvation and the hope of heaven, that I have an incredible husband, a sweet son, wonderful family and friends…even then it is hard.  Hard to wait for something my heart desires.  Something that is a GOOD thing.  Something that seems so easy for so many people.  And it is hard to fight off the lies that threaten to seep in…lies that say that God doesn’t care…that he forgot…


Below is something I read that reminded me of the good nature of trials.  Without them I would be “cold, worldly, and unspiritual.”  But through them I am learning.  Learning to love God’s ways more than mine.  Learning that this trial, this pain, isn’t a mistake, but is God’s way of drawing me closer to Him…making me more and more dependent on Him.  These truths are what I’m clinging to, even when the feelings aren’t there…even when it hurts.  My grip feels weak, but I’m clinging as hard as I can and trusting that God won’t let me go.


“The Ministry of Comfort”

(J. R. Miller, 1898)

Before I was afflicted I went astray–but
 now I keep Your word
.” Psalm 119:67


Most of us need the chastening of affliction.
Pain is a wonderful revealer. It teaches us many
things we never could have known, if we had
not been called to endure it. It opens windows
through which we see, as we never saw before
–the beautiful things of God’s love.

Many of the finest things in character, are the
fruits of pain
. Many a Christian enters trial–cold,
worldly, unspiritual–and emerges from the
experience a little later, with spirit softened,
mellowed, and spiritually enriched.

Sanctified afflictions soften the harshness and
sharpness of one’s character. They consume the
dross of selfishness and worldliness. They humble
pride. They temper carnal ambitions. They quell
fierce passions. They show to us the evil of our
own heart, revealing our weaknesses, faults, and
blemishes–and making us aware of our spiritual
danger. They discipline the wayward spirit.

Sorrow draws its sharp ploughshare through the
heart, cutting deep and long furrows–and the
heavenly Sower follows with the seeds of godly
virtues. Then by and by, fruits of righteousness
spring up.

Sorrow has a tenderizing influence. It makes us
gentle and kindly toward each other. In no other
school, do our hearts learn the lessons of patience,
tolerance, and forbearance so quickly–as in the
school of suffering.


It was good for me to be afflicted–so that
 I  could learn Your statutes
.” Psalm 119:71