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He’s 4! November 21, 2008

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Last Saturday, my little boy turned 4 years old!!  Ryan and I are so incredibly thankful for Jackson Moses Dean (‘Jack-Jack,” “JMoses,” “Jackster,” “Punky”) and for the way that God is shaping his life.  He makes us laugh daily, and sometimes we have to shake our heads at his questions, advanced vocabulary, and surprisingly accurate observations about life.  He loves music, superheroes, going to Master’s Kids, and candy.  He can say and identify all the letters of the alphabet (I had to add that b/c I was a Kindergarten teacher. 🙂  We are praying for his understanding of the Gospel and his sin to deepen, and that he would repent and accept God’s free gift of salvation.  We love our Jackson Boy!



Chuck E Cheese for birthday fun with friends




Some of Jack’s favorite friends (from left: David, Jack, Isaac, and Sam)



img_3040          img_3037

 Here are the same boys a week earlier at David’s superhero birthday party, and Jack in his superhero pose




After Chuck E Cheese, we were so happy to get to meet up with more favorite friends, the Bohrs, who were on their way home to Fresno.  Jack loves Ethan and Ellie!!




the morning of his birthday with his decorated door!




This collage needs some explanation…we had planned to have a family party on Saturday at my parents’, but that was the day that fires were threatening numerous parts of Sothern California, which closed the freeways directly in our path.  Sooooo…after much discussion, we decided that although we would cancel the party, we still would try to get to my parents’ house.  We knew it would take a lot longer than normal to go all the way around (if you look closely in the top left pic, you’ll see the line of cars stretching endlessly in front of us as we drove between 1 and 2 mph), but we agreed that it was better than sitting at home being sad.  The other top row pics are of some cool scenery we passed as we went over the hill to Moorpark.  When we got on the 101 (finally), we stopped to get McDonald’s Mc Flurrys, since Jack was being a trooper.  I got really sad when he asked at one point, “Is my party over already?”  The rest of the shots are of the smoky scenes we passed.  After 5 HOURS of driving, we made it!!




My sweet mom and sister did a lot to make sure Jack still had a fun “mini” party, complete with extra presents and balloons.




The wonderful family members who were able to be there: Debbee, Aunt Melissa (“Mimi”), Baba and Deda (who almost got evacuated themselves), and of course, the wonderful Papa and Nana!  We had a great evening together.`




The 4 year old!!



            fhgfugfgjg hfhvgjg;;;;;;;;;gbtgjbngnnhnbkghjkhghkhkhyhuygutyuthhhh  .j


(this is because Jack wanted to type…)


3 Responses to “He’s 4!”

  1. Lana G! Says:

    Too stinking cute!

  2. Ellen Says:

    Fabulous! I do so love the super hero pose! Life is rich!!

  3. M Lou Says:

    I was happy to see your blog this morning….been “waiting for it”. Fun seeing Jack with other little boys; super hero masks and capes are great; cool “star” (band members) bedroom door; very cute guitar, record player t-shirts; and great pics with Jacks special people. I need a copy of the last one with that darling smile, balloons and cake. Snapfish–here I come!
    Smooches from Gram….

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