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Michigan! January 9, 2009

Filed under: Family and Friends — Michelle @ 11:16 pm

On Christmas night, we left California for snowy Michigan!  We had a wonderful and relaxing time with the Anthonys.  Thank you, Mom and Dad, for all your help, generosity, and love!










Jack loved playing with his Gramma!







Jack’s feelings about going inside



Ice skating in an outdoor arena…so much fun!



This is a view of sunset over Lake Michigan…I was obsessed with these trees and their haunting beauty



Ryan and his sister Jennifer…looking for baby names!  Jennifer is due with their 1st (and Jack’s 1st cousin!) in May.



Here’s the snow story: After one day of getting to play in the snow, the weather warmed up and it rained, which melted all the snow away.  Sad!  So, naturally, I started to pray for snow.  And God gave me some!  Although it started late on the evening before we left, it was magical all the same.



This one reminded me of someplace like Narnia…maybe it’s just the lamp-posts  🙂


7 Responses to “Michigan!”

  1. Ellen Says:

    How wonderful that you got to experience Winter!! It was fun to see these photos. Love the snow falling shots.
    Fun to see more of Ryan’s family. Congratulations to Jennifer and her husband…

  2. lisa Says:

    Yea pictures!! I’m so glad you had a good time! Miss you, friend!

    by the way, the one of Jack sad to go inside was hilarious! He’s such a character.

  3. M Lou Says:

    Snow is great for a “short” time 🙂 Jack should be in Michigan now!!
    So, tell me how to delete pictures off a blog sight ! :+|

  4. Ralina Says:

    I loved the picture of Jack not wanting to go back inside. Don’t kids ever get cold??

  5. dfrese Says:


    This looks like so much fun! How great to have Jack be in the snow! We took ours to the snow for a day during Christmas, and they loved it!

    Love you, Laurie

  6. Annie Says:

    Sounds like you a great time, here in Michigan!!! Once again, winter reigns, it snowed about 4 inches today. It’s pretty and cold 🙂

  7. Bekah Ruth Says:

    Wow, what part of MI did you visit? Scotty and I live near Grand Rapids…we’re still shaking off winter, and it’s April 5th!!

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