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Guess What!!! February 28, 2009

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The Lord is righteous in all His ways, and kind in all His deeds.

The Lord is near to all who call upon Him, to all who call upon Him in truth.

He will fulfill the desires of those who fear Him;

He will also hear their cry and will save them.


Psalm 145:17-19


21 Responses to “Guess What!!!”

  1. Sam Neylan Says:

    woo hoo!
    I’m so stoked for you guys!!!!

  2. Anna Says:

    Congratulations!!!!!!!!!! We are so excited for you guys! Jack is going to make a wonderful big brother!! The Lord is so good! You are in our prayers.

  3. Ellen Says:

    How sweet it is!

  4. Veronica Says:

    Congratulations Michelle!!! Praise the Lord!!!

  5. Becky Says:

    This is one of the most beautiful pictures I have ever seen on your website. 🙂

  6. hope42day Says:

    WOW!!! God is good ALL THE TIME!!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! This is a beautiful picture!!!

  7. Lana G! Says:

    Hee Hee Hee! Love it!!!

    The fact that you are pregnant is absolutely a beautiful God Thing!

    the picture – let’s just say that I find ultrasound pictures in the beginning stages humorous! 🙂 Abstract Art!

  8. lisa Says:

    Little Louie! YIPPEEE!

  9. M Lou Says:

    AMAZING picture….GRANDbaby number 3 being knit in it’s Mother’s womb!!! I hope God is knitting a girl 🙂

  10. melissa Says:

    oh my goodness!!! i cannot believe it. congratulations!!!!!!!!!

  11. Jessica Says:

    Congratulations! I have been reading your blog for a while now (I got onto it from the Whitley’s blog). I have been praying for you, hoping you would one day get this lovely news!
    Blessings from Jessica (from Australia).

  12. Yay! Me too, although you are considerably farther along than I am. Congratulations to you!!!

  13. Laura Says:

    Words escape me as I feel joy for you and your sweet family! What a fitting passage to express what is in your hearts. I cannot wait to meet the newest member of your family!!!

  14. Noelle Says:

    michelle, i am SO thrilled for you guys! God has actually brought you to mind a number of times in the past few months and i have prayed for this. praise God! congrats!!

  15. David & Natalie Says:

    Congratulations!! What an exciting time for your family.

  16. Polly Meredith Says:

    Congratulations! I’ll confess, this brought a little tear to my eye! I have been praying for this for you guys for a long time!

  17. Laurie Frese Says:

    Congrats. Makes me want to cry with joy. Love you all.

  18. Oh my goodness! I am so very happy for you! Praise be to the Lord for His goodness to you! Love you so much!

  19. Bekah Ruth Says:

    Rachel’s in MI with me right now, and she just told me the Anthony family baby news – CONGRATS! What a blessing!

  20. imdaddysgirl Says:


  21. Glory to GOD! Congrats on being the precious carrier of God’s child. You are blessed.

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