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She’s Here! September 30, 2009

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Avery Elaine Anthony

Thursday, September 17, 2009

5 pounds, 13 ounces, 19 inches long



 So tiny and new



“She’s massive little!” — Jack



Such a sweet and gentle big brother already



I couldn’t stop telling her, “I prayed and prayed for you!”








So thankful for the gift of Avery Elaine…


Waiting for our Little Girl… September 11, 2009

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I was just telling Ryan that it has been so very, very long since I’ve blogged…I have no idea how to condense the past months into a relatively cohesive post.  But he says that’s part of the joy of blogging…you can just pick up where you left off and no one really minds.  So I hope you don’t mind, blog readers, if you’re even still checking my blog, which I sort of doubt and don’t fault you for in any way if you’ve given up on me… 🙂 


It’s funny how you can pray and pray for something, and the Lord kindly and graciously sees fit to give it to you, yet in His perfect plan, He makes sure that you stay dependent on Him, having no cause to boast in yourself, and your weaknesses come through all the more, making His strength perfect.  That’s how this pregnancy has been for me.  In the midst of overwhelming thankfulness to God for this miracle that He has created inside me, the past months have also brought more trials on more fronts than I ever expected.  Most have had to do with the pregnancy itself, in the form of OUT OF CONTROL hormones and lots of physical pain and discomfort, pretty much the whole time.  It has been almost the complete opposite of my pregnancy with Jack, which I can now say was pure bliss compared to this one!  I feel like in some ways I don’t even know “who I am” anymore (whatever that means), or what “normal” is, and I’m just waiting for the day when I will get to see this sweet little child whose presence has brought such turmoil into my life and my emotions, yet such joy to my heart.  As of right now, I am 38 1/2 weeks into my pregnancy, and although everyone tells you “not to compare it to your last pregnancy”, which obviously this one has NOT been like, I have still fallen prey to the “maybe she’ll be 17 days early like Jack” train of thought.  Well…we’re one week beyond that point, and each day that passes has found me a little more impatient, uncomfortable, and stir crazy than the one before.  My mom came to save the day today, and she did SO much…cleaning, cooking, organizing, flower planting…but the best thing she gave me was a simple little piece of advice: “Let’s just plan on the fact that she’ll come on her due date (Sept. 21), and then maybe each day in between won’t be so frustrating for you.”  Amazing, huh????  I know…pretty simple, but in my world, pure sweet genius.


Over the past 6+ months since my last post, I’ve taken hundreds and hundreds of pictures, which represent hundreds and hundreds of little events that I wish I could share.  But for now, I chose just a tiny few to represent some (not all) of the things and people that have been little blessings from the Lord and have kept me going when I have wanted to give up.  Here they are in no particular order…



My mom’s homemade peach pie.  Craving?  Yes.  Jack’s graduation from Master’s Kids…what a wonderful year with my sweet sweet son.  Moving into the perfect house that God provided right out of nowhere.  Jack’s hair.  The sunsets over Lake Michigan and a wonderful time of refreshment with family during our vacation.  Jack’s face.  Disneyland.  My Aunt Lana.  Friends. Specifically the Bohrs.  The Anniversary Getaway that my incredible husband planned for me, including a perfect spa day.  My sister.  My boys, who have kept me from going crazy and kept me laughing.  Coffee Bean Iced Tea with crushed ice….actually, crushed ice in general.  My mom.  Costco ice cream bars.  The beach and the beautiful girls pictured. 



But mostly, this guy.  My amazing, patient, kind, thoughtful, funny, comforting, understanding, sacrificial husband.  He has been my rock, and has shown me the goodness of God more than anyone or anything else.  I think I may have mentioned it before, but I seriously don’t deserve him. 


That’s all for now.