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One Month with Avery October 17, 2009

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Here’s how much Avery loved her first bath



Chatting with her big brother…he’s so sweet with her!



Relaxing…she loves having her hands up near her head



Some of Avery’s biggest fans…Baba and Deda (my grandparents)



Resting with Dad



Resting with Mom



Avery goes to the pumpkin patch!



Jackson Moses Dean and Avery Elaine  🙂



Our family of four!



Avery in her swing



Avery’s 3rd bath was a much calmer experience for everyone involved.



Today on her 1 month birthday, Avery got to go to her first tea! Some of the ladies in my family got together to celebrate and honor my grandmother, and we had a wonderful time. There are 4 generations represented in this picture.



Avery sleeping peacefully in her great-grandmother’s arms


6 Responses to “One Month with Avery”

  1. Ellen Says:

    Great photos Michelle. It was so nice having Avery with us at Tea for her 1 month debut!!

  2. mLou Says:

    Beautiful, Beautiful, Beautiful….
    Love every picture u posted 😀

  3. lisa Says:

    What a sweet tiny miracle!

  4. Vera Says:

    So, So glad she was able to join us on Satuday. What a joy

  5. LauraB Says:

    Love the pictures, Michelle. Avery is absolutely gorgeous…and so are you! I love the family picture at the pumpkin patch 🙂 Love you dear friend.

  6. were so happy for you my dear friend!!!!! shes beautiful and so is your precious family! i miss you!

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