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My 2 Month Old November 22, 2009

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Here are a few of my favorite Avery pics from the past few weeks…she’s 2 months old as of Tuesday!  At her doctor appointment, we found out she weighs 7 lbs, 13 oz, so she’s gained exactly 2 pounds since she was born.  Since she had a hard time gaining weight in the beginning, that was very encouraging for this mommy!  There’s finally some “chub” on her cheeks.  🙂  She’s only in the 5th percentile, and the size of many “just born newborns” (my friend Cristy had a baby boy this week who weighed 8 lbs, 14 oz!) but we’re not complaining. 

Previously mentioned chubby cheeks


She loves to raise her left hand and wave…or praise the Lord…either one.


Such a sweet face


She also loves to watch her bouncy seat “friends”


First smiles!!




Our friend Dave took these at Jack’s birthday party




Oh how I love this girl.


7 Responses to “My 2 Month Old”

  1. Ellen Says:

    Oh so sweet! Love every photo and those chubby cheeks :0)

  2. mLou Says:

    Oh how I have been waiting for “2mo old” pictures!! How Precious! LOVE. LOVE. tLove the smiles….I know all of you do too 🙂 Give her a big kiss for Gramma XO

  3. lisa Says:

    She is definitely Jack’s sister. SO CUTE! I love the arm raise.

  4. Lana G! Says:

    Praze duh Lord – So stinking cute!!!!! Can’t wait to see her again!

  5. Vera Says:

    So cute

  6. Leonard Says:

    I’m smiling right now!

  7. Laura Says:

    Love the “waving/praising” pic! Also love the one with her and Ryan and the one of you two beautiful girls. ❤

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