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A Tree Named Bert December 14, 2009

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This is Bert.  Isn’t he cute?  Jack named him.




and here are a few Avery pics just for fun…


This is one of my favorite faces


and also…

Did you know that there’s a flower called the Yuletide Camellia?  I love it.  This picture doesn’t really show how deep the red is, but it’s beautiful.


Avery’s New Hat December 2, 2009

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This post is dedicated to my Aunt Ellen, who got Avery this ADORABLE hat!    I especially love the fact that the flower is the size of Avery’s face.  🙂  We love you, Auntie!!!   Thank you so much for adding to our small but growing collection of girly embellishments.





My sweet Aunt Vera held Avery during the photo shoot


Comfort and fashion…together at last.