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Lovely Life April 27, 2010

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Hi friends!!!  I’m back!  What in the world have I been doing for the 4+ months since my last post about Bert the Christmas tree, you might ask????  Well… I have been living life.  Taking time to fully recover from the difficult pregnancy and delivery that brought our sweet little girl into the world.  Learning to be a Mommy of 2.  Reading to Jack (and teaching Jack to read!)  Treasuring each new discovery Avery makes.  Gardening.  Reading the gospel of John and loving what I’m learning about my Savior.  Realizing over and over how good God was to give me Ryan.  Starting to be a friend again, and making some new friends.  Life has been sweet and beautiful lately.  Sometimes I find myself closing my eyes tight and wanting so badly to hold on to these precious moments, because I know they will pass so quickly.  But then I open them again… and I love what I see.  And I pray that I will live each precious moment with purpose…for Jesus.   Here are a few glimpses into my little world lately…


adorable giraffe (from Anthropologie!!) courtesy of Avery’s Aunt Melissa






And just because I couldn’t decide…here are a few more of Avery  🙂